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There are precancer diseases – a vulva craurosis and craurosis of external genitals, vulva leucoplakia and hyperplasia which in percentage terms considerably concede to a uterus cancer and a cancer of a uterus neck, but from it they do not become less terrible. It is necessary to know, how them to win. To begin with we will try to analyse ways of their occurrence, minuses of existing methods of treatment and weak spots of these illnesses.

A vulva craurosis and external genitals has the primary climacteric period of development. The medical explanation is reduced to that in this period ovaries sexual hormones insufficiently develop. If it was so all women of the world would be ill by craurosis. It does not occur. Means, the problem consists that on ovaries function the infectious component which oppresses manufacture of hormones is imposed. In other words, at the woman without an infection in blood craurosis will not be. Disease is characterised by a progressing atrophy, a sclerosis of a skin and mucous membranes of external genitals. If process progresses, passes to a vagina. Diseases of a crack arising and ulcers at progress can provoke a cancer.

Let's pay attention to how scientists try to solve this problem in a forehead: there are no hormones - will add. For treatment they offer hormonal ointments and biostimulators. If it does not help, then to a course goes criotherapy and even vulva ectomy.

What occurs to an organism of the woman if it pump up hormones, and the infection remains?

The woman both was ill by craurosis, and continues to be ill. And here its hormonal system reacts unequivocally negatively. The thyroid gland, a pancreas, adrenal glands, a hypophysis leave from under the control which is carried out by our subconsciousness. Gynecology hormones left from under the control already at a disease stage.

What occurs to an organism of the woman if to it do criotherapy?

Contacts to a cold at low temperature of a crack and an ulcer can be won. But the infection in blood remained, and it will find to herself new courses to declare herself visually.

The root of all evil of this illness consists available infections in blood is its weak place.

Vulva leucoplakia it is similar on craurosis on character of disease. Leucoplakia leads to change of a mucous membrane which is accompanied by epithelium keratosis in the field of external genitals, vagina and on a surface of a uterus neck in the form of a thin layer or a scaly and rough thickening. In this case scientists as the reason speak not only about ovaries dysfunction, but also about probable influence of a herpes virus or a virus of a person papilloma. I do not doubt, that nanotechnologists sooner or later will help scientists to find markers which will define presence of this or that infection at the woman in blood. It will be really big break in medicine. Now it is possible to ascertain only, that the infection is, and scientists with it cannot effectively struggle.

Here again scientists try to solve a problem in a forehead. Coagulation is used as such frontal attack  – laser or chemical cauterisation of a pathological site. The effect will be same as well as at criotherapy in a case with craurosis. The diseases centres will be won in points of contact to laser or chemical cauterisation. But the infection in blood remains. Blood will execute once again function of the conveyor of illness to other site not subject to coagulation.

Hyperplasia increases number of structural elements of a fabric or body at the expense of cell fission. This illness essentially differs from craurosis and leucoplakia that is a consequence of reception of the various preparations stimulating cellular reproduction. There are some hyperplasia kinds, one of which (endocervix hyperplasia) has the tendency of education of translucent vials in a cyst kind. Atipichesky hyperplasia of vulva it is characterised abnormal multilayered flat vulva epithelium, and adenomatosis hyperplasia - micropolypiform growths. Pay attention that depending on a hyperplasia kind are formed cysts, polyps or growths. In article on a site http://injz.umi.ru «Ovary cyst, adnexitis, amenorrhea, barreness - without operation and hormones» and in article «Uterus myoma, polyp and erosion of the uterus neck» was in details analyzed an occurrence situation cyst and polyps. The main source of these troubles was the infection in blood. We dare to confirm, as in a case of hyperplasia as a disease source the infection serves in blood.

What creative methods are offered by scientists for treatment of this illness?

Unfortunately, traditional attack in a forehead is observed. Appoint the hormonal ointments which reception for a while improves a situation. But as soon as reception comes to an end, illness has again an effect. In other words, a treatment orientation make not on an illness source, and on its consequence. Criodestruction and laser therapy influence on centres defeats. The infection in blood remains, and after a while it finds a new place of the existence. Vulva ectomy – display of an extreme case of operative intervention.

Now the most important thing. How all the same to remove the infection set forth above from an organism, to cure the woman from craurosis, leucoplakia and hyperplasia?

There is a preparation which was produced and lead up to mind within 19 years. Problems of the women have been considered, doing not wish to do operations and to accept hormones.

What it from itself represents?

It is the complex antibiotic possessing unique properties:

1. Activity of a preparation does not fall within 15-20 years (any preparation in the world does not possess such property).

2. Pyrogenicity and toxicity of a preparation in 8 times more low, than at any preparation which has been already let out on the market. It means, that all modern preparations should be improved in 8 times to leave on quality of influence on level of our preparation.

3. The preparation for women can be entered syringing – unique ability of treatment of incurable female diseases without operations.

Whether there are negative influences?

The preparation will neutralise an infection in blood and a lymph, then through kidneys deduces the fulfilled infection from an organism. Glomerulonephritis, sharp pyelonephritis and a nephrite are a barrier for this preparation. Chronic pyelonephritis and a nephrite are subject to discussion. For the women who are ill not one year, sharp reorganisation of an organism from an illness stage in a stage health that can lead to dryness of a vagina or a constipation. These problems dare within 1-2 days without antibiotics.

I hope, that I can to answer any woman interested in such preparation. On conditions of its application and payment look a video clip in Russian


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